Tips for keeping your intimate areas healthy this holiday

  • Travelling can be very stressful. Remind yourself to relax andnatnews_femimage_novdec16 enjoy the experience as stress can cause fluctuations in your intimate areas.
  • Pack your breathable cotton underwear – no it is not boring and it will help in keeping your intimate areas healthy as synthetic underwear are not breathable.
  • Experiencing an active holiday, make sure you get out of those sweaty clothes quickly. A moist environment encourages bad bacteria, so keep your Femagene® Intimate Refreshing Wipes, with Aloe and Chamomile extracts, handy.
  • Luxury fragranced bubble baths and soaps are all part of the holiday spoils. However, if they have a high pH they can wash away the protective mucous of the vagina.  The Femagene® range has pH balanced soaps to help clean, and not disrupt correct pH in the vaginal area – Femagene® Intimate Hygiene Soap – with cajuput oil, Femagene® Intimate Cleansing Bar –  fragrance free and suitable for daily all-over use and Femagene® Intimate Hygiene Soap for Sensitive Skin – fragrance and paraben free, pH balanced liquid soap which is super gentle.
  • “There are many things that can disturb the health and comfort of the female genitalia but by taking some easy precautions we can help to minimise any intimate area discomfort,” conclude Yssel.

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