Secrets of the G-string

Intimate feminine hygieneMany women are concerned about feminine hygiene. How much is enough? Apparently, not too much. The body is designed to clean and protect itself from infections through a naturally maintained acidic pH of around 3.5 – 4. So a quick rinse in the bath or shower with water or a gentle product designed to support the pH of the area is all that is needed.

However, according to Dr Elna Rudolph, a Sexual Health Physician based in Pretoria, South Africa,who consults to Nativa, the marketers of the Femagene range of intimate hygiene support products, there are a number of things which can disturb the health and comfort of the female genitalia.

These typically include antibiotics, hormonal fluctuations, menstruation, pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, oral contraceptives, tight synthetic clothing or consuming large amounts of sugar, starch and yeast. All can change the body’s natural balance and cause irritations which can lead to discomfort, irritation, bad odouror even serious conditions like candida and bacterial infections.

While perfumed bath shampoos and soapsare often promoted as luxurious spoils, if they have a high pH they can wash away the protective mucous of the vagina leaving it more susceptible to yeast and other infections.The same goes for harsh cleaning methods such as douches.

So while we want to be fresh and fragrant for ourselves and our partners, we should seek out healthy product choices like the Femagene range. Ithas three different pH balanced soaps to help clean, restore and maintain the correct pH in the vaginal area. All are safe to use during pregnancy and are gentle enough to be used on the whole body too.

Femagene Intimate Soap contains tea tree oil which has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that target organisms that cause candida and vaginitis.

Femagene Intimate Cleansing Bar is fragrance free and is suitable for daily all-over use for sensitive skin.

Femagene Intimate Soap for Sensitive Skin is a fragrance and paraben free, pH balanced liquid soap which is super gentle. Its protective actives can help skin that irritates easily.

When some discomfort already exists, Femagene Intimate Soothing Gel contains natural active ingredients that target itching, burning, irritation and inflammation and support the body’s defense against dryness and bacterial and yeast infections.Applied three times a day it gently helps to restore the balance when the strength of prescription medicines is not needed.

Femagene Intimate Refreshing Wipes have all the goodness of Femagene Gel embedded in silky soft wipes. In packs of 10’s or individually wrapped they are easy to carry in a handbag and are a treasured source of hand and body freshness when a washroom isn’t available.

Femagene Intimate Personal Lubricant was designed for the one in five women who experiences pain during sexual intercourse. Natural wetness can decrease at times due to situations likestress, hormonal changes, medication and birth control pills.Since this is an area with many nerve endings, dryness can result in irritation and pain. Easily dispensed Femagene Personal Lubricant has excellent hydrating and moisturising results. It is water based, pH balanced, long lasting and easy to clean.

Femagene is there to help women keep the secrets of the G-string!

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