fema_drelnaradiointerview_image_apr2016Few women know much, or even a little, about their own sexual health and functioning. Generally we wish we knew more but are too shy to ask.

Therefore Femagene®, a well-established and trusted range of quality female hygiene products, has linked with a trusted expert in the field of female sexuality to address this informational need. Dr Elna Rudolph is a well-known medical doctor who specializes in the field of female sexuality. In a series of educational videos for women which Femagene® has sponsored, Dr Elna authoritatively and sympathetically discusses topics applicable to women at different stages of their sexual health.

Subjects Dr Elna discusses include what to expect when you go for your first pap smear, the reasons why and what to expect from annual check-ups, do’s and don’ts of intimate female hygiene, protective vaccines, common infections, ovarian cancer and ways of preventing it, and what to expect on the first night of marriage.

These 4-7 minute long videos will be released over time on the Femagene web page, or on the Femagene YouTube Channel.

  • Femagene will also host an online chat once a month with Dr. Elna. With privacy and anonymity assured, women and girls can ask her directly about their concerns. Within this safe confidential Femagene community we come to realise that there are other women out there with similar issues and questions, and learn from one another in addition to the excellent medical advice.

    This sponsorship from Femagene is aimed at helping women to feel confident and know how to handle the challenges of womanhood.

    For more info on the live chats and keeping up to date on the roll out of the Femagene info videos, all you have to do is to click ‘like’ on the Femagene Facebook page, which will result in your being updated discreetly on this wonderful help.

The wedding night- what to expect…                                Candida or Thrush


Protective vaccines                                                             Why and what to expect from annual check-ups


What to expect when you go for your first pap smear    Do’s and Donts of female hygiene